Pork Pie Winner

I am glad to announce a winner of my pork pie offer. The first and so far only person outside West Yorkshire to pronounce Slaithwaite like a local is Mrs Jean Sutherland. Jean is a Scottish solicitor of West Country and North British provenance residing and domiciled in Caledonia. Having said that, she did go to school in Harrogate and lived in Elland for a while. Nevertheless she qualifies for the prize and if E. Grange & Son do mail order one of their biggest and juiciest pies is on its way to the homeland of Barney and Beazley’s new friend.


About Jane Lambert

I am a barrister specializing in intellectual property, technology, media and entertainment and competition law. I specialize in helping SME (small and medium enterprises) protect and exploit their investment in brands, design, technology and the arts. SME require intellectual property (legal protection for their intellectual assets) at least as much as big business but their limited means restrict the way they can use it. Looking after such clients wisely requires skills and knowledge which have taken me years to learn.
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2 Responses to Pork Pie Winner

  1. Cameron says:

    Slough-it, obviously.

  2. John Lambert says:

    Actually there is an alternative local pronunciation, “Slath” (short “A” as in “GRASS”) and “Wait”. I would have accepted either. Your pronunciaiton is more common north of the A62 (Manchester-Huddersfield road) whereas the alternative pronunciation is heard in the rather posher houses to the south. Wouldn’t like to speculate how our brilliant MP pronounces the word as she’s a comer-in.

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