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Circ & Variete Globus Bucureşti v Uniunea Compozitorilor şi Muzicologilor din România – Asociaţia pentru Drepturi de Autor – U.C.M.R. – A.D.A.

I am on the IPO’s mailing list for news of preliminary references to the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”). I tend not to mention them until they are reported but every so often a particular case catches … Continue reading

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Copyright: SAS Institute Inc v World Programming Ltd.

Although SAS Institute Inc v World Programming Ltd. [2010] EWHC 1829 (Ch) (23 July 2010) ended inconclusively (and some say disappointingly) with a preliminary reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union under art 267 of the Treaty … Continue reading

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Copyright: Lucasfilm Ltd v Ainsworth

Every so often a case comes along that is remembered for having something to say on more than one important issue. One such case was Catnic Components Ltd. v. Hill & Smith Ltd. [1982] R.P.C 183 which is cited not … Continue reading

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Copyright: The Mark of McCain

Shortly after I started this blog in 2005 I reported on a spat between Angela Merkel and the Rolling Stones over her use of their classic Angie as their campaign anthem (see “Stoned! The Difference between Copyright and Rights in Performances” … Continue reading

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Copyright: Featured Artists’ Coalition

I know this is not a particularly fashionable point of view but unless we want our arts to be sponsored by the state as in the former Soviet Union the folk who produce and present them to the public need … Continue reading

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Copyright: Creation Records Ltd. v News Group

It is trite law that if two photographers take identical pictures of the same scene at the same time from the same position each of their photographs is an original work and neither infringes the copyright in the other. However, … Continue reading

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Copyright: What is meant by "the Author"

The author of a work is the person who creates it (s. 9 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (“the CDPA”)). In the case of a sound recording the author means the producer, in the case of a film … Continue reading

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