Version 1.0 Date 7 April 2008

1. Interpretation
Unless it is clear from the context that some other meaning is intended:
“the Brands”
means the registered and unregistered trade marks and other signs used by the Company including in particular the word marks “nipc” and “NIPC” which are registered as trade marks with the Trade Marks Registry of the UK Intellectual Property Office for barrister services, publications and conferences, seminars and related goods and services in classes 42, 16 and 41 under trade mark numbers 2381238 and 2381238.
“the Company”
means the private company incorporated with limited liability under the provisions of the Companies Acts 1985-2006 in the name or style of NIPC Ltd. under company number 06223818 which has its registered office at HWCA Ltd. Northern Assurance Buildings, 9-21 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4DN
“the Policy” means this privacy policy.
“the Websites” means any website bearing any of the Brands including this website.

2. Purpose
The purpose of the Policy is to specify the information that the Company collects through this site and to explain what it does with such information.

3. Data Collected
(1) The only information collected through this site are the names and contact details of the persons who contact the Company through the form on the “Contact” page and various online forms..

(2) Such data are stored for the purpose of dealing with the enquiry and general correspondence with the Company.
(3) The company does not yet collect cookies.

4. The Websites
The Websites are maintained at

The Media Centre
7 Northumberland Street
T 0800 862 0055
F +44 (0)1484 681964

5. Subject Access
Subject access requests and other enquiries may be addressed to The Secretary at the above address.

6. Variations
The Company reserves the right to add to or modify this Policy from time to time.