Creative Works

Jane Lambert
27 May 2010

“Creative works” are the output of the creative industries, that is to say:

  • advertising
  • architecture
  • arts and crafts
  • broadcasting
  • commercial art
  • dance
  • events management
  • fashion
  • graphic design
  • film
  • games and leisure software
  • mobile communications
  • music
  • photography
  • public relations
  • publishing
  • sound recording
  • theatre, and
  • web design.

According to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport report, “Creative Britain – New Talents for the New Economy”, the creative industries employ 2 million people and contribute £60 billion to the UK economy.

Works created in permanent form such as books, buildings, drawings, films, graphic designs, musical scores, paintings, plays, sculptures, sound recordings and websites are protected from unauthorized copying, distribution, publication, performance, translation and other adaptation by copyright. There is now a new intellectual property right called “publication right” which confers similar rights on publications of previously unpublished manuscripts that are out of copyright.

Performances of actors, dancers, musicians, singers and other performing artists are protected from unauthorized filming and taping by rights in performances.

The reputation and integrity of the works of both types of artists are protected by moral rights.

It has recently become possible to register as registered designs and registered Community designs works of art such as logos and handicrafts.