Intellectual Assets

Jane Lambert
27 May 2010

An “intellectual asset” is an investment in brands, design, technology or creative works.  The laws that protect the value of such assets are known collectively as intellectual property.
  • Brands: Examples include company names, domain names, logos, names of clubs or restaurants and newspaper mastheads.  In short, anything that generates goodwill.
  • Design: The layout of components of an electrical circuit is an example of an  intellectual asset which is an investment in functional design. The shape of a vase or the cut, fabric and texture of a garment are examples of intellectual assets that are investments in ornamental design.
  • Technology: A new machine, manufacturing process, computer program or semiconductor are yet more examples of intellectual assets in technology.
  • Creative Works: A novel, poem, play, film, game or website are examples of intellectual assets that are creative works. So, too, are the performances of actors, dancers, orchestras and singers on the stage or in the film or recording studio.