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New Blogs: Securing Innovation

I am grateful to Stephen Nipper for drawing my attention to a new blog published by Inc called “Securing Innovation”. He actually calls it an IP blog of note. The blog focuses on IP management and it has some … Continue reading

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Registered Community Designs: EC Accession to the Hague Agreement

On 1 Jan 2008, the EC (including the UK notwithstanding our wonderful PM’s prior engagement at the Kirkcaldy Sea Otters’ early morning Hogmanay swim around the Bass Rock or indeed to do just about anything to avoid showing enthusiasm for … Continue reading

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Pork Pie Winner

I am glad to announce a winner of my pork pie offer. The first and so far only person outside West Yorkshire to pronounce Slaithwaite like a local is Mrs Jean Sutherland. Jean is a Scottish solicitor of West Country … Continue reading

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Going to the Dogs – Quite Literally

After sounding off about the contemptible attack on the rule of law in Pakistan including the sickening sight of attacks on peaceful demonstrations by lawyers a few weeks ago, I vowed to stick to intellectual property in future. However, this … Continue reading

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General Gossip: wiki revisions, EPC2000, my wonderful MP and the Copyright Act 1956

Just to let you know that I have uploaded the passing off page in the brands tree of WikIP.Just in case you missed it, the revisions to the European Patent Convention agreed at Munich on 29 Nov 2000 came into … Continue reading

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IP Crime: Intellectual Property Crime Report

One of the recommendations of the late lamented DTI’s Innovation Report of 2003 was to develop a new strategy for dealing with IP Crime. Accordingly the UK-IPO set up set up a specialist IP Crime Group in 2004 to: – … Continue reading

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Wikid – Change of Name and New Pages

Thank you to everyone who has had a kind word for my IP Wiki, especially David Pearce who pointed out that my IP wiki was not the first in the UK. It rather reminds me of “IPKat eats Humble Pie” … Continue reading

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